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The Stay Ripped Lifestyle - Mindy's Cannabis Success Story

Over the last decade Mindy Mysinger has been in chronic pain due to four herniated disks having to endure seven back surgeries. As a result she was placed on over 30 medications by specialists for countless ailments including: diabetes, arthritis, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, and acid reflux. After fighting the world of “corporate medicine” she decided to turn to cannabis as a healthier alternative.




In 2015 Mindy had her sixth back surgery. Due to complications from the surgery she was hospitalized three times in five days fearing for her life. At the time Mindy was 260 pounds and her body went into shock due to disease, chronic pain, and liver enzymes spiking 100 times the normal limit (deterioration of the liver was a side effect from the medication she was taking). It was in that moment that Mindy realized she had to take back control of her life if she wished to be present in her daughter’s life for years to come.

Mindy decided to turn to healthy living by changing her diet, becoming more active, and getting off of those highly addictive pills she was continuously prescribed. Cannabis helped with withdrawal symptoms and also gave her the chronic pain relief she was desperately seeking.
Due to the medicinal benefits of cannabis Mindy was able to wean herself off all 30 of the prescription pills she was once prescribed by doctors.

Today Mindy lives a healthy lifestyle 120 pounds lighter incorporating cannabis into her daily routine through smoking, tinctures, muscle rubs, and edibles.

While Mindy still experiences daily pain she utilizes cannabis consumption to help maintain her active lifestyle. Mornings are usually the hardest part of her day so Mindy starts with some consumption and muscle rub before physical therapy to take the edge off and help get the body going. She will then consume again in 3-4 hour increments to stay on top of the pain throughout the day.

It’s simple physics – a body in motion stays in motion. In order to keep her body moving she has to keep pressing forward. Cannabis provides her with the relief she needs to stay active!

While cannabis has saved her life it wasn’t without sacrifice. As an Oklahoma native Mindy had to make the hard decision to move to Colorado in order to gain access to the natural alternative she was seeking.

She now recognizes herself as a medical refugee in Colorado and has never been healthier or happier!

Due to her lifestyle changes Mindy is now able to spend time outdoors and work in the garden, activities that were restricted in her previous mind-body existence.

She is also a part of the Wolfpack Ninjas in Loveland, Colorado training for an obstacle race similar to American Ninja Warrior in November 2017.

Thank you to Colorado for recognizing the true medicinal benefits of cannabis and the relief it can provide to those in chronic pain. Cannabis is no longer being used to “get stoned” it is a plant with medicinal properties that are allowing patients to seek natural remedies over prescription medication.


It is my hope that through these success stories that others will recognize that they have an option when it comes to their health and cannabis, is that viable alternative.

- Lit Yogi
Stay Ripped

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