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My name is Kevin Eisler and I am one of the founders of Stay Ripped. I wanted to share my amazing personal experiences with plant medicine from a recovery standpoint. As a disclaimer, I’m not a medical professional and encourage you to consult your own for what works best for you--however, I feel compelled to share my story. As a former college soccer player and fitness fanatic; proper recovery is absolutely vital in order to get the best workouts day after day without long term detrimental effects to your body. Keeping my muscles in an optimal state is huge, perhaps even more important is keeping my mind in an optimal state as well. I believe in the old addich the body will follow the mind. Having a powerful mind is the most important component to a successful life. With this being said, here is my experience on how plant medicine helps my mind and body and why I feel Staying Ripped is a vital piece to a successful life and powerful body. 

I would like to touch on plant medicine and its effects on my body personally. After a long workout with weights or an explosive calisthenic workout, as soon as I get home I will hit a small bowl or one hitter in order to relax the tension I am feeling in my muscles. After this I will immediately make a protein shake. Recently, I have been using a plant based protein (which it seems like everyone is trying) that I really like. If I did a hard leg day or running, I will then make an ice bath. While the water is running, I will take another hit of a bowl or maybe a joint depending on how I’m feeling to really get in the zone for the ice bath. I try to stay extremely conscious throughout my post workout smoking in order to not get dummy high so I can still function and be conscious with how my muscles and joints are feeling. After this, the most important part of my recovery is stretching. This is where I find plant medicine is the most beneficial, as I am able to stretch deeply into the muscles without pain making it easier to stretch longer. From that point, I sleep deeply the entire night and wake up the next morning feeling incredibly refreshed and ready for the next amazing workout!

I hope this short personal recovery story can help others with their own recovery. If you haven’t tried plant medicine as a recovery tool before, I hope this helps people have the courage and guidance to give it a try. If it is your first time, try very small hits in order to stay conscious and not freak yourself out if you have a tendency to feel anxious. As always, we promote Highly Motivated Living while Staying Ripped.

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