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Welcome to Stay Ripped Apparel

The first clothing line for cannabis users that live active, healthy lifestyles. Reversing the outdated stoner stereotype one dope shirt at a time.

Success Beyond Fitness

Inspiring our community to succeed in all facets of life. Your health, career, relationships, athletics—whatever it is that you do, be the best version of you.

It's A Lifestyle

There's nothing wrong with having pride in the ability to balance your life. You can look, feel, and act how you want. Take control.

Empowering Our Community

When we all progress together, the planet will have no choice but to follow suit. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Cannabis Fitness Apparel & Shirts

Stay Ripped with our Cannabis Lifestyle Gym & Workout Clothing

Stay Ripped Apparel is the first clothing line for cannabis users that live an active and healthy lifestyle. We aim to inspire a forward-driven, healthy lifestyle and to create positive change. Redefining cannabis use, one dope shirt at a time.

This Is Your Brand

Times are changing and we're leaving the stigma behind with it. Join the movement now.